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ICO/ Token

Elevator Pitch 

Media Exposure

hash-hash.info Analysis --- Hedera Hashgraph and HBar explorer ---
HopOn Network --- Share mobile data & get paid ---
Hashing Systems Domain name --- Godaddy of Hashgraph ---
Otrafy Food --- expouse fake organic food ---
Ooniq Insurance --- Instant Claims & complete transparency ---
Ponder Influencer marketing --- Get paid for referrals ---
Hearo.fm Music --- Micropayment for music streaming ---
Lumeos Data --- Giving people control over their data & allow them to sell their data ---
Snakt Content Creation --- Connects Video messaging & creation ---
Sandbox Gaming --- Decentralized gaming platform ---
GenesisNet Insurance --- DLT for Insurance companies ---
Armada chain Supply chain --- Allow companies to share supply chain Infrastructure ---
Payable Links Data --- Taking digital content trade to the basics ---
Intiva Health Health care Yes Automate healthcare provider's
credentials to save tons of man hours
Artbit Art --- help starving artist get paid Prnewswire
Mingo Messanger Social Yes The contact centric messaging aggregation app CryptoPotato
Lit by Satori Tech Yes powering the world's decentralized AI meshVB
Xtremepush Marketing --- help advertisers to Identify and reject click fraudsThe Business Post
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