Earn Hbar by squashing bugs

Hi guys, welcome back! I would like to share an Interesting project which I came across lately, the project is called Hash-hash.info, it is a Hedera Hashgraph and HBar explorer that offers insights into wallet activity and keeps records of current account balances along with a historical wallet snapshot.

Hash-hash.info currently has fun and jolly "Bug hunting bounty" program where one can get micropayments as part of their real-time speed-tests by crushing on-screen bugs. Squash them with your finger or mouse pointer as fast as you can and they may attempt to send you up to 1 HBar a day. See the Gif below my first Impression was a joy!

They also have another program for all of us to earn some more Hbar, its called
"Testing your testing" you have to correctly answer for an MCQ question and stand a chance to win up to 1 Hbar.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have an Hbar account just yet can't wait to register my account and start squashing some buggy bugs. Check out the "Project" tab for many Interesting Hedera hashgraph Startups, ICOs & Projects.

Thank you so much for dropping by:) comment and subscribe for much more interesting HH Stuff... Thank you.

Disclaimer by hash-hash.info: this site is used only for entertainment purposes and is not suitable for financial decision making. All values are experimental, estimated, and do not reflect or intend to reflect the true state of HH. We are not associated with Hedera Hashgraph LLC.


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