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Earn Hbar by squashing bugs

Hi guys, welcome back! I would like to share an Interesting project which I came across lately, the project is called, it is a Hedera Hashgraph and HBar explorer that offers insights into wallet activity and keeps records of current account balances along with a historical wallet snapshot. currently has fun and jolly "Bug hunting bounty" program where one can get micropayments as part of their real-time speed-tests by crushing on-screen bugs. Squash them with your finger or mouse pointer as fast as you can and they may attempt to send you up to 1 HBar a day. See the Gif below my first Impression was a joy!

They also have another program for all of us to earn some more Hbar, its called
"Testing your testing" you have to correctly answer for an MCQ question and stand a chance to win up to 1 Hbar.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have an Hbar account just yet can't wait to register my account and start squashing some buggy bugs. Che…