Hedera hashgraph's Interesting Startup companies

Hi guys, welcome back to an exciting post! I will be writing about a few of the very Interesting Startups that are Incubated by Helix (Hedera hashgraph's Start-up Incubator). Please also read my post where I wrote about Helix if you haven't already known.

These guys sound exciting - Wish you could make some money out of your mobile data? with the help of their app, you can share your mobile data with anyone in the world and get paid! plus you name the price! what do you guys think? let me know in the comment box below!

Hashing System
A domain name registry marketplace for the graph. simply put it, Godaddy for Hedera hasgraph.

"In 2017 alone there were 36 million pounds of fake organic food that entered the US market," says Otrafy in one of their Medium post, if it's true then those people should be dealt with severe consequences! Otrafy is trying to expose fake organic foods.

Their goal is to bring simple insurance solutions at affordable prices with instant claim handling and complete transparency.

There are a couple more Startups which I have listed in the "Project" tab, please visit the project tab to find out more.

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Will get back to you with another post very soon bye for now, thank you :)


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