Hedera Hashgraph's Incubator venture & more

Hi friends welcome back to another post! this time it's about hashgraph's incubation venture.

Hashgraph has partnered with Mind Fund, a Hong Kong-based VC to launch accelerator Incubation HELIX to groom the next-gen distributed ledger tech startups exclusively on hashgraph platform. Yes, we know what that means, more and more companies would be forming based on hedera hashgraph.

HELIX has so much to offer, 100kUSD funding for your project, accommodation for 10 weeks in Hong Kong, even logistical help such as Visa and many more, just like how a mummy would take care of her child, so you can focus on what is important for the future, welcome to the future.

The hashgraph consensus algorithm has also been mathematically proved to be the first public ledger that has a computer verified mathematical proof that it is truly asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (ABFT), validated by Coq Proof Assistant and completed by Karl Crary, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Ever since the Hedera18 Hackathon, more and more developers are getting to know about Hedera hashgraph and the developers' community is also seeing a growing Interest towards building Dapps on Hedera hashgraph's network. As of writing 6707 members in their discord developer group, hashgraph is well positioned for explosive growth internationally.

Check out some of Hedera hashgraph's project in the "Project" tab, more projects will be updated in the project tab.

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Hedera hasgraph's official website: https://www.hedera.com/
Hedera hashgraph's developer discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/FFb9YFX


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