Hedera Hashgraph's community is its priority

Hi, guys welcome to another blog post.

The team behind Hedera Hashgraph has again proved that it would do anything ethically to safeguard its genuine members. Even if it means to appoint an additional man force to get rid of thousands of fake accounts.

There are people with corrupted mind and soul who are imposters and pretend to be an admin of Hedera Hashgraph and have cheated many uninformed ones.

Such imposters would usually create a telegram account by copying the user name of a Hashgraph group's verified admin, screenshot the verified admin's display picture and use them for their profile to cheat people.

It is only possible to identify a verified admin by browsing the members' list in a group. Next, that imposter will look out for vulnerable targets who ask questions like;
  • "how to buy the coin?"
  • "Where can I buy the coin? "
  • etc...
And send them pishing links via personal message.

The team behind Hedera Hashgraph has given very serious attention to such activities and has gotten rid of such fake and scam accounts, Hedera Hashgraph is actively involved in kicking out fake and spam accounts, the telegram group also has appointed admins from various continents in order to have an active admin at any time to attend to any emergency situations.

They are very serious about safeguarding their credibility and protecting their members. 

I hope this was useful, I will soon be writing a post about the new and upcoming projects based on Hedera Hashgraph pls comment and subscribe for more Hedera Hashgraph posts thank you.


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