What is Hedera Hashgraph?, Intiva Health has a Token & more...

Hi peeps, thanks for coming back again! another busy week for hashgraph and hashgraph based projects.

Hedera Hashgraph - Possible Rebranding? or a sub-division company?

I happen to find a new update, if you look up(https://hashgraph.github.io/) you will end up at hashgraph developers site, the highlight here is "Developers will dream up new ideas, build them into reality, and change the world on the Hedera hashgraph" and ends with"Hello Future" which is used by official hashgraph website too. Ok you may think that this is some kind of scam website, but the references in this website directs me to other hashgraph authorized social media channels, when I clicked on SDK it redirected me to Swirlds official website to download the SDK, click on "chat" it will redirect you to hashgraph's official Discord developers channel. There is even a login in a page if you click on this:
But at the time of writing this post, there was no option to register...

To get a proper understanding, I went on to google "hedera hashgraph" and the first two links showed something legitimate hashgraph related information:

From these two links I managed to pick up some useful information. So it looks like hahsgraph is registering for a trademark by the name "Hedera Hashgraph". At this point in time its unsure whats the exact motive is, however, by looking at all these available resources it looks like there is going to be another brand by hashgraph and is meant for hashgraph developers and this seems really interesting, as I mentioned in my previous posts which was titled "Hashgraph's hiring requirement says a lot, and why crypto cant marry open source..." that there could be something premissionless or some other form of revenue model that hashgraph could be working around to promote a less restricted SDK for the non-coporate developers, this possibility seems like one but its just my prediction since they are keeping it a secret, we have to wait till the Neywork event on 13/3/18 to find out more.

Also if you see the picture Tom Trowbridge's name pooped up in the google search, for those who don't know, Tom Trowbridge is the president of hashgraph.

Intiva Health's Utility Token

So let's get the points that matter the most! how to buy the tokens and when.

Before we dive into it if you are a U.S investor you have to be an Accredited Investor(as defined under the Securities Act, Rule 506 of Regulation D).

For those Non-U.S persons, they can purchase Intiva Tokens during Intiva Token pre-sale and sale in foreign jurisdictions.

The token pre-sales launches April 19th, 2018. For those who know me, those few lines were not from me, I don't usually sound so professional haha... the information was obtained from BusinessInsider.

Guys, to get more information about Intiva Token sales, visit their official website, on the top you should see "Intiva Token Release" with a green "Learn More" button. Please friends, don't fall for any scams, I have heard people losing lots of their money, always verify the source before you give our financial information.

NYC 13/3/ Live Streaming:

Ok, you should have received an email from hashgraph about the Livestreaming, even for those who were not selected to be present for the event should also receive an email asking you to sign up for the Live streaming instead, for easy reference this is the link, head over fill up the form and select "Live streaming" for "would you rather attend by" option.

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