Key Points From Hashgraph's Live Stream: Hedera hashgraph, startups & ICOs

Welcome back friends, I was lucky to wake up on time for the live streaming, In fact, It was a natural call that woke me up haha...

So the most anticipated crypto for a while finally went public on 13/3/18, hello future! say hello to hedera hashgraph. 

Yes, that's right if you read my previous post "what is hedera hashgraph? Intiva has a token! Poll & more" where I wrote about hedera hashgarph, at that point in time it was unclear what hedera hashgraph was, so I assumed most of it based on what I found on google. 

I'm not trying to show-off or prove a point, it's just that joyful feeling that I am trying to share with you guys haha...

Tom Trowbridge Hashgraph president mentioned some mindblowing numbers! 

  •  ambassadors - 239 ambassadors in 42 countries)

  • Developers -3K+

  • SDK downloads - 20K+
  •  6k+ (unique visitors/day on the website)

  • 80K + (watched the live streaming)

which really got me nervous and fast heartbeat (I felt the chase somehow) and then he said "everybody is early" which made me feel better 😅. 

Keys Points To Take Note: 

  • Cryptocurrency  -  a private pre-sale for accredited US Investors to be announced (no notice for other region Investors as of writing this post.)

  • Open Consensus - anybody can run a node in the network with an ordinary computer and Incentives will be awarded in the form of Token (not much CPU power is needed so incentives are very small.)

  • State proof- for example, your cryptocurrency wallet has the ability to recognize the genuine community which has your cryptocurrency ledger, It won't fall for the copy version of the same community which has illegally modified fake ledger.

  • Achievement with a single Graphics card - 1 million digital signatures obtained (signatures are part of the transaction)

So what is in for the Developers from the event?

  • Hedera Hashgraph - No License to use the platform, services, build smart contracts, software that you build is yours and developers don't even have to talk to hedera Hashgraph.

  • Source code- open for public review with version 1.0.

  • Hedera will not fork - No way for project fork.

  • Test Network online- Hashgraph consensus platform (On top of that there is cryptocurrency for microtransactions, distributed file storage  & Solidity smart contracts.) Beta version to be released in May 2018.

Wow! that's a lot I know, but I have only extracted the main points leaving behind the very technical stuff and the hedera council stuff. Do visit their youtube channel for complete coverage.

What other Media says: 

  • PRNewsWire- hedera hashgraph council announces public ledger to provide the trust for the internet.

  • Forbes- hedera hashgraph thinks it can one-up bitcoin and Ethereum with fast transactions.

  • Coindesk- hedera hashgraph swirlds no fork guarantee.

Startups & ICOs:                   

  •  Xtremepush - helps advertisers to Identify and reject click frauds.

  • Open VMS Allows customers to take spare open VMS clusters and use them as nodes in the hedera hashgraph network (wow! that means incentives with zero effort) integrated into their operating system.  

  •  Artbit - helps starving artists get paid

  •  Mingocoinmessaging apps integrated under one roof + gaming 

  • LIT by Satori - powering the world's decentralized AI mesh.

  • Intiva Health -  Automate healthcare provider's credentials          

I will be doing a "Project tab" where I will be listing all the Hedera hashgraph based projects, so hit on the subscribe button now! will come back with another hahsgraph post real soon!