Hashgraph's NewYork event, SDK, NASDAQ & many more...

Did you receive that email from hashgraph? If you did register on hahsgraph's website which prompted you with curiosity, you should receive an invitation to attend their event on 13th March 2018 in New York.

The invitation also had some useful information about what to expect from the event. There will be a presentation by Dr.Leemon Baird, Co-founder and some surprise speakers. I am guessing those surprise speakers could be members of projects that are currently actively powered by hahsgraph technology such as Intiva Health etc,  based on the announcement made during hahsgraph's blockchain beach day conference, hahsgraph is going public, so which means from my point of view the surprise speakers could be the sweeteners of the event.

At the same time, Hashgprah also revealed the speakers of New York Event, as you can see in the Image below. But did not give any clues about the surprise speakers.

For Those Who Cant make it to NYC on 13/3 Like me there is a Live Streaming;

If you realized while registering for the event there was an option to select "Live streaming" but they have not made any announcement of where the live event will be hosted, looks like there would be a Live streaming in their youtube channel, I will be sharing the link as soon as it is confirmed.

New Version Of SDK

So apparently, there is a new version of the SDK available for developers to try out, but there has not been any official documentation of the improvisions for the SDK at the moment of writing, heard that the senior developer from hashgraph is working on it.

Talking about the SDK, I managed to pick up bits and pieces of hints on what we could expect from the NYC on 13/3, so here's a screenshot of an admin's reply;

So as you can see, a member from the telegram community posted a question, and an admin, managed to reply to his concerns somehow.

how Intiva Health is using hashgraph to build a secure, distributed compliance management system for healthcare professionals- NASDAQ

So Initially it was Bloomberg that talked about Hashgraph, and now Invitia Health a company that is building a decentralized app on top of hashgraph, that has gotten attention by NASDAQ,the article also talked about how Invitia Health's move to use hashgraph has created a remarkable solution to managing health professionals/health organizations compliance records. Haven't heard about Invita Health? do check out my other post in which I talked about Invita Health.

So, I went over to Intiva Health and realized that they have a subscription button, it didn't specifically specify who should enter their email to learn more, maybe this could be another possible area to look out for.

It is clear that the NYC event is about public ledger and that there are some surprise speakers who would be participating in that event, and my guess is that the surprise speakers might reveal some sweet information to the public.

Some of the happening moments from hashgraph's telegram group haha...

someone said "well there is no mining similar to Bitcoin"

and then another member said "How do coins come into existence then?

another person replied "Pre-mined” I guess only for staff" with some smiley faces.

and then, an admin posted this picture;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only for staff...":joy::joy:j

And then someone from the group replied jovially to the image "So with hashgraph metaphorically, who / what is the hammer, trussel and pie?"

And then an admin replied " well I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure if that means anything ...." HAHAHA!

And again another member relied on that...

That's it for now folks! very soon I will be sharing more about hashgraph happenings, I am also quite curious to know what you guys have in mind in terms of your expectations for NYC event on 13/3, so do you think a Trivia will be good? maybe I would do that in my next post.

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