Hashgraph's hiring requirement says a lot and more...

Hi, peeps! Ok I admit, this post is lengthy but hey!! things are happenings fast and I am sure you wanna stay tight with hashgraph right? 

Hashgraph is hiring!


So I went on to hashgraph website and if you see at the bottom of the site, a very tiny font should say "view website", clicked on it and was redirected to the old hashgraph website. So there I saw this really tiny grey background with grey font text, grey to grey...maybe the hiring and the "grey to grey"  font thingy is giving away some hints related to the big announcement that will be held on 13/3/18 at NewYork haha...hmm. 

So what do I mean by saying "hiring requirement says a lot'?

If you look at the responsibilities of the developer advocate you could possibly see what direction is hashgraph is heading toward, so they want the developer advocate to Inspire fellow developers from the hashgraph community globally to build a distributed app as well as distributed web, which means lots of paid flyings for the developer advocate, he will also be responsible to show developers how to implement specific solutions or use SDK code base, educate and empower developers via workshops and webinars, they also set this responsiblity that sounds very promising ; support our developers where ever they are on forums, social meida and everywhere between.

This could possiblity mean they are welcoming and opening up doors for all the developers out there to build something on top of hashgraph, yes it is true that who ever wants to build an app on top of hashgraph would require permission from hashgraph before they can use it, but looking at all these points it is quite clear that they could be working on another less or no permissioned required scheme to get more and more developers, it could be you know  like a comission based partnership scheme for developers or maybe something along that line that dosent not require initial costs for developers, When hashgraph means all those it is quite straightforward for the public to make calculated decisions of the excitements and various possibilities that awaits all those who are patiently waiting to be apart of hashgraph.

Also, take note not just distributed applications, but also "help build distributed web" wow! this really is getting me excited right now guys!

Intiva Health says exciting announcments in coming weeks!
Followed by John Hartigan, where he talks about Intiva health, the problem the company is tackling, how hashgraph is helping them to overcome the problem that they wish to tackle with their app.

So in my very recent post, I also highlighted Intiva's subscription button! remember? if you didn't get the chance to read it,  now ;) I guessed it right! today it has been confirmed by the Intiva health representative that there are exciting announcements coming up ahead in 2 weeks time by Intiva health! I also wrote a post about Intiva Health App.

Click for more meetup details
Another hashgraph event on the way...

Artbit & hashgraph will be presenting @ SXSW So what is Artbit anyway? haven't heard about it yet? at first, I thought it was some kind of service to own a bit of a copyrighted art imagination going wild I guess, but that's not the case! but sounds like an idea for a new ICO ;)  haha...

You could probably be thinking why team up with Artbit, only a goose that lays golden eggs can identify another one of its kind. Looks like I can make a note of investment assumptions like this hehe. I will be writing about the event quite soon.

Yo Peeps! More and more hashgraph on the way! have you subscribed?