Scammers revolving around Hedera hashgraph exposed

Hello, friends welcome back once again, Scam is becoming a very common thing nowadays. Hidden enemies are very dangerous compared to a known enemy, I really feel sorry for those people who were cheated by some scams that revolved around Hedera hashgarph recently, but the Hedera hashgraph team was very responsive in taking prompt actions to stop the culprits.

So here I am writing this post with the pure Intension of exposing those culprits as much as possible If you guys are aware of more scams feel free to expose those bustards in the comments below.  

Scammers Exposed!

1.Email Scam

Did you receive this email!? If yes, that's a SCAM do not get engaged! spread the word out! use hashtags on twitter and on other social media to expose this scammer.

2.Pool Scam

Let's look at the next one, this one is Interesting yeah sure there are accredited Investors who are willing to buy and sell for a profit but hey TRUST plays the main role in here,  its quite clear that only accredited Investors are allowed to Invest In Hedera hashgraph's private pre-sale.

And next, you know a post on Medium that reads "How to participate in the Hedera hashgraph token pre-sale without being an Accredited Investor" and then goes on and explains that they are creating a pool to accept ETHs from whitelisted Investores and that a registered legal trust will be Involved, guys its a SCAM too!

 Kyle armour from Hedera hashgraph has clearly that In the Hedera hashgraph's telegram group's pinned message: "this is not a solicitation of any securities. do not send any money to hashgraph.beware of scams and phishing attempts. do not believe rumours. do not invest in “pools” they are fake". 

If they are legit people then they should reveal themselves, prove themselves and should probably also collaborate with Hedera hashgraph team to gain peoples trust, If they do so I would be one of the first ones to get Involved. 

Life Skills Lesson Saved Me Ethereums

Back In my college my lecturer Mr.lim always reminds me to be calm when faced with tough calculus questions, he will also say that world's smartest people would make silly mistakes when they make decisions while not being calm, that really helped me to perform better in my calculus exams, as I could focus and had a better presence of mind. I too got carried away when I first saw that above-mentioned scam email, but Mr.Lim's advise was put to practice I was calm, clarified with Hedera hashgraph group's admins.

Verify The Authenticity of a Content Before Engaging!

Nowadays scammers are very smart, they would use a term like "Please be aware of scammers" in phishing websites emails etc, they would sound very professional and legitimate. 

To avoid falling for such scammer traps, always bookmark the official website's URL to prevent from entering into a phishing website.

When in doubt, clarify it in the project's official social media channels, you may also ask questions on Reddit. 

Some Funny Moments From Hedera Hashgraph Telegram Group hehe...

I am on the lookout to expose scammers! should I do a Tab called "scammers Exposed"? If you guys come across any scammers related to Hedera hashgraph or based projects please spread the word also get in touch with me via Telegram @Akbar_Badusha


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