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Scammers revolving around Hedera hashgraph exposed

Hello, friends welcome back once again, Scam is becoming a very common thing nowadays. Hidden enemies are very dangerous compared to a known enemy, I really feel sorry for those people who were cheated by some scams that revolved around Hedera hashgarph recently, but the Hedera hashgraph team was very responsive in taking prompt actions to stop the culprits.
So here I am writing this post with the pure Intension of exposing those culprits as much as possible If you guys are aware of more scams feel free to expose those bustards in the comments below.  

Scammers Exposed!1.Email ScamDid you receive this email!? If yes, that's a SCAM do not get engaged! spread the word out! use hashtags on twitter and on other social media to expose this scammer.

2.Pool ScamLet's look at the next one, this one is Interesting yeah sure there are accredited Investors who are willing to buy and sell for a profit but hey TRUST plays the main role in here,  its quite clear that only accredited Investors …

Mingo: First Live Project Based On Hashgraph!

Bingo....heres your first hashgraph based live project, Mingo. 

Mingo is an instant messenger aggregation app that supports Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud (Mingo will support more famous messaging app in the near future).
Let's look at the values that MingoChat wants to add to its users...
Aggregates all your messaging services under one roof:that means all your contacts from various messaging platforms are now gathered under one platform and you can compose and respond to them all from just one single User Interface, Mingo.
Plugin Apps(under development):Games & Utility app plugins(for example, book a flight in Mingo etc...)not all of your messaging platforms may have that but, when Mingo links up all of your messaging platform's contacts under one roof, that would be possible ;)
Utility Crypto Coin:use it to play against a friend of yours and gain more token if you win. You can also use it for utility services (for example, book a flight in Ming…

Key Points From Hashgraph's Live Stream: Hedera hashgraph, startups & ICOs

Welcome back friends, I was lucky to wake up on time for the live streaming, In fact, It was a natural call that woke me up haha...
So the most anticipated crypto for a while finally went public on 13/3/18, hello future! say hello to hedera hashgraph. 

Yes, that's right if you read my previous post "what is hedera hashgraph? Intiva has a token! Poll & more" where I wrote about hedera hashgarph, at that point in time it was unclear what hedera hashgraph was, so I assumed most of it based on what I found on google. 

I'm not trying to show-off or prove a point, it's just that joyful feeling that I am trying to share with you guys haha...

Tom Trowbridge Hashgraph president mentioned some mindblowing numbers!  ambassadors - 239 ambassadors in 42 countries)
Developers -3K+
SDK downloads - 20K+6k+ (unique visitors/day on the website)
80K + (watched the live streaming)

which really got me nervous and fast heartbeat (I felt the chase somehow) and then he said "everybody i…

What is Hedera Hashgraph?, Intiva Health has a Token & more...

Hi peeps, thanks for coming back again! another busy week for hashgraph and hashgraph based projects.
Hedera Hashgraph - Possible Rebranding? or a sub-division company?
I happen to find a new update, if you look up( you will end up at hashgraph developers site, the highlight here is "Developers will dream up new ideas, build them into reality, and change the world on the Hedera hashgraph" and ends with"Hello Future" which is used by official hashgraph website too. Ok you may think that this is some kind of scam website, but the references in this website directs me to other hashgraph authorized social media channels, when I clicked on SDK it redirected me to Swirlds official website to download the SDK, click on "chat" it will redirect you to hashgraph's official Discord developers channel. There is even a login in a page if you click on this: But at the time of writing this post, there was no option to register...

To get…

Hashgraph's hiring requirement says a lot and more...

Hi, peeps! Ok I admit, this post is lengthy but hey!! things are happenings fast and I am sure you wanna stay tight with hashgraph right? Hashgraph is hiring!

So I went on to hashgraph website and if you see at the bottom of the site, a very tiny font should say "view website", clicked on it and was redirected to the old hashgraph website. So there I saw this really tiny grey background with grey font text, grey to grey...maybe the hiring and the "grey to grey"  font thingy is giving away some hints related to the big announcement that will be held on 13/3/18 at NewYork haha...hmm. 

So what do I mean by saying "hiring requirement says a lot'? If you look at the responsibilities of the developer advocate you could possibly see what direction is hashgraph is heading toward, so they want the developer advocate to Inspire fellow developers from the hashgraph community globally to build a distributed app as well as distributed web, which means lots of paid flyings…

Hashgraph's NewYork event, SDK, NASDAQ & many more...

Did you receive that email from hashgraph? If you did register on hahsgraph's website which prompted you with curiosity, you should receive an invitation to attend their event on 13th March 2018 in New York.

The invitation also had some useful information about what to expect from the event. There will be a presentation by Dr.Leemon Baird, Co-founder and some surprise speakers. I am guessing those surprise speakers could be members of projects that are currently actively powered by hahsgraph technology such as Intiva Health etc,  based on the announcement made during hahsgraph's blockchain beach day conference, hahsgraph is going public, so which means from my point of view the surprise speakers could be the sweeteners of the event.

At the same time, Hashgprah also revealed the speakers of New York Event, as you can see in the Image below. But did not give any clues about the surprise speakers.

For Those Who Cant make it to NYC on 13/3 Like me there is a Live Streaming;
If you …