Hashgraph's movements updated! Spotted at a conference.

whats up friends! have you been catching up with the hashgraph's happenings lately? curious? why so? keep calm and read this post ;)

So recently I wrote a post about what the "curious" thingy in hashgraph's official website could mean if you haven't seen it then pause! you should check it out before reading this post.. that way you will be more entertained this post.

 I had a chance to watch the recent hashgraph's presentation on blockchain beach day conference, and here are the summaries of the presentation...

Purpose of hashgraph's presenatation in this conference 

Talk about Dr.Leemon Baird vision with hashgraph, the 4 generations of the blockchain, a brief explanation of the technical advantages of hashgraph, and hmm...read more to find out ;)

Dr.Lemmon Braid's Ambition:
  • A future where people can create a shared world for free.
  • Create movies, music, documents or 3D objects and converse without dictatorship with complete fairness.
The four generations of  crypto
  • 2009 Crypto Currency - Bitcoin
  • Ledger Private permissioned networks - for storing property deeds etc.
  • 2014-15  Smart Contracts - Ethereum 
  • And Fourth generation which is believed to be fair markets: hashgraph.

And then Kyle carries on with the explanation of the different kinds of methods that are currently present in distributed ledger technology, their advantages and disadvantages and then comes to the solution... where he goes back by 35years when I was negative 10 years old, Vintage stuff yo...then carries on and presents a fusion of vintage and millennium ending up with a hybrid limited edition stuff, Immunstable, DNS Resistant, fair order and fair timestamps. Compared to all the distributed ledger technology that he mentioned, namely leader-based, economy-based, PoW-based, Voting-based the vintage stuff ;) and the only stuff that has green ticks for all of them is, hashgraph.

It's time for some technical stuff! wait, you gotta gain some tech knowledge as well you know... if there is a competitor it's going to be based on technical advantage so you should be able to differentiate them yourselves, knowledge equals to capital gains.

Some of the notable key points

How Swirlds consensus works (technical stuff ) - 

  • In a gossip say there are 3 events in these sequence red, blue and green and say transactions were done simultaneously, a few people got their transactions, namely Alice, Bob and Carel, but all their sequences got messed up instead of being redblue and green. So how do we do that after a timestamping? Gossip- Tell 2 friends who tell 2... and continuously propagate through the network.
  • Gossip about gossip- Tell them the hashgraph itself.
  • Virtual Votes- Find the votes they would have sent. Because we already know what every node know and when they knew it, we can run that the algorithms in our heads and know exactly what nodes would vote.
2 of hashgraph's partnerships
About Hashgraph's 3million dollar seed from NEA.

Hashgraph's Techcrunch Disrupt - where creator Dr.Leemon Braid's believes were put to test by showcasing their Fair Auction eBay.

And their state of emergency protocol - where smartphone's nodes were used to get an SOS signal out during an emergency compared to people trying to send out SOS in a leader based distributed ledger technology where this gets clogged. While hashgraph used the nodes to send out the people's  SOS without clogging or whatsoever. And how they beat IBM's Hyper ledger in the Culedger.

Learning lesson 

Looks like they had no choice but to reveal the "curious" thingy...hang on a second...hearts pumping fast? yes, mine went pumping damn fast....look like they couldn't pull out another trick to maintain the crowd's curiosity.   

 The countdown timer which leads to 13th march is an event that is going to be held in Newyork City and it is going to be about hashgraph's public launch! the presenter also mentioned "we have kind of announced the idea doing a public ledger at some point time"- just before he ended the talk ;) am I guessing it right? what's your guess? let me know in the comments below.

Heard its gonna be a multiple series of announcement....hmm...hope you guys picked something out of this! subscribe! stay tuned, there is a lot to come from hashgraph ;)