[Extras FYI] Why You Should Buy Bitcoin in Bits

Don't have huge pockets? hesitant to buy a whole Bitcoin? do you think its very expensive to own a Bitcoin? how about buying Bitcoin in bits? do you know Bitcoins supply ends at 21Million? As of Feb 2018 Bitcoin's supply is at around 17Million. 

Don't worry I am not selling you anything.. chillax and continue reading haha...

How To Buy a Bitcoin in Bits?

Remember those times during your school days when you wanted to buy a Toy, PlayStation console or gaming PC, it might seem like a lot of money at first. But you would find your way by saving up your pocket money or by working part-time jobs to buy it at once. Yes, Bitcoin is very expensive currently, damn it.Definitely, it is a hell lot of money but you still want to be part of it right?

Stop thinking about how to fork out thousands of dollars to buy that Bitcoin, instead, think about how you can buy immediately! yes, I meant like now! 

Bitcoin's supply stops at 21 Million, as of feb 2018 Bitcoin's supply is at 17 Million almost there. But we still have other alternatives, buying Bitcoin in bits or infractions with a minimum of 5 USD you can start to own a bit of a Bitcoin.Head over to any exchange that charges the least fees and own your Bitcoin in bits some might say its better to buy in the huge amount due to the fees charged by the exchanges, no choice and who cares we still want to own that bit of a Bitcoin.

Is it worth buying Bitcoins in bits? 

SMALL DROPS MAKE A BIG FLOOD wish you had bought bitcoins when the price was dirt cheap? no one ever thought Bitcoin would reach such heights, I bet Satoshi Nakamoto didn't think so too. If your very goal is to be part of the Bitcoin race and if you are not willing to or don't have a huge amount of spare money sleeping in your bank then this is your best bet, it is better then nothing. Bits of a Bitcoin or one whole Bitcoin, there are still profits if the price goes up, it's about how many bits you own that factors your profits. 

So you wanna make your every single small drop count? Don't think too much, who knows what happens tomorrow...Don't give yourselves another opportunity to regret ;) 

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