What Is HashGraph All About?

What is hashgraph?

Hashgraph is a data structure and consensus(a general agreement) algorithm and it is believed to be comparably fast in transactions compares to the pioneer Bitcoin Blockchain.

HashGraph VS Bitcoin Blockchain [straight to the point explanation]

There is no single person responsible for a transaction; for example; in a blockchain there are miners who have the choice or option to choose which transaction should be processed first in a block, say for example, person "A" and person "B" wants to buy a Bitcoin at a low market price at the same moment, the miner has the choice to transact person "A"s transaction first which means person "B" could potentially fail to buy at the low market price. Such choices or options are not possible in hashgraph, the only factor that could affect the sequence of the transactions is the internet speed.

Is there mining in hashgraph?

No, as mentioned above, miners have the choice or option to choose whose transaction should go first, which is one of the flaws that is being tackled by hashgraph, so hashgraph uses a brand new method known as Virtual Voting.

How to invest in hashgraph?

A question that a lot would be wondering about, as of writing, hashgraph is only developed in private, permissioned-based networks. And do not have a public ledger and therefore, are not currently accepting any money. However, there are possibilities regarding investment opportunities due to overwhelming queries from the public. So stay tuned for more news.


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