Finally A Project Built Upon Hashgraph!

Do you want some appetizers?  hashgraph has cooked something for all of us! But wait...are you a sugar patient..!? 

A Brief Introduction Of Intiva, Swirlds, and Hashgrap...

Swirlds is the company that created Hashgraph and Intiva Health is a health care company that has build their platform using Hashgraph technology, so what is Hashgraph then? check out my hashgraph post to find out more about hashgraph.

About the project

Intiva Health will utilize Swirlds’ hashgraph technology to build the industry’s first ‘Ready Doc’ career platform, which allows for the fastest placement and ongoing credentialing of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

To All Those Hashgraph Followers out there, the wait is over, Its time to find out the Real Potential of Hashgraph...

Well, at this moment it may sound like it does not mean anything to the crowd who wants to pump their money into Hashgraph or even into Swirls. BUT hey... don't you think its now much clearer that hashgraph really is something that is perfect enough to dominate the Crypto chase!? they are really making things happen.

So what Does it means to the People who want to invest in Hashgraph?

Think about it, would you want to sell your property that for some obvious reasons has great potential to gain capital appreciation anytime soon? won't you wait for the right time? maybe this could be a possible reason why, if you think that makes sense, you should get what I mean, let's check out what the project is about.

And What is so good about the Invitia Health Project? and what does it means to Hashgraph?

"Intiva Health has helped us to significantly streamline both our hiring and ingoing credential management processes", said Jody Hardy, Austin Emergency Center.

Note this point, Hashgraph's Speedy technology has also eliminated the need for waiting for a month and the need for making numerous phone calls before process such as hiring and credential management are done, now to almost instantaneous. 

Hashgraph's technology means now it is speedy for placement and on credentials of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, it also eliminates the need for paperwork, automates the critical task of maintaining compliance. 

A summary key point that describes Hashgraph in whole:

  • Helps healthcare professionals manage large amounts of critical information necessary for the hugely time-consuming task of credentialing.
  • We require world-class security, reliability and scalability in our underlying platform.
and here we go...
  • After reviewing numerous solutions, we have decided that Swirlds' hashgraph is the only distributed ledger technology that provides the level of security and scalability that our users and the healthcare market as a whole demand.
Those were some of the main key points mentioned by President, Ret. Major General Jim Comstock, of Intiva Health.

  Hang on! finish up the appetizer!


Are you thinking what I am thinking!? time will say, let me know in the comments below would love to know whats running in your minds! 

How was the appetizer? good? no good? Hasgraph Meal menu on the way! 

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    1. Hi, Hashgraph does not have any ICO, public ledger or coin at the time of writing.However there is a huge interest from the public, Hit on the follow button on this website to keep yourself updated with fresh hashgraph contents.


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