Curious? Says Hashgraph Official Website, What could it mean?

Hi friends! Welcome again. Ok, very recently I wrote a post about a project collaboration between hashgraph and Invita where president, Ret. Major General Jim Comstock, of Invita Health  described the beauty of hashgraph with some wonderful words. If you haven't seen that post, do check it out. 

I also ended the post with a suspense just like how hashgraph site is keeping up on our toes and making us get tempted. 

So there is gonna a token? or coin offerings? yes? no? argh... it's complicated, but let's break down the complexity to our own understandings...

Those are some screenshots that shows the interest from the public, it's just a tiny piece of it there's crowds and crowds of public interest being shown to the hashgraph team.

Look at the reply by John the hashgraph community's admin well the answer was not a "YES". Wait, are you going to google it?did you find anything? share it please! I tried haha...didnt find anything useful though. Kyle Armour, another admin from hashgraph community group also replied "its big" to a public's post.

Those are just trailers of the public's interest, no no its just a few that I came across in the hashgraph Community Telegram group there are many, many crowds of people who are asking such questions in the telegram group almost every single day.

 There's a sudden growth in hashgraph community's telegram group...

So, Gossip Guy woke up to see about 500 new members joining the hashgraph community group in Telegram overnight, and counting. Probably is the hashgraph's "curious" thingy that is at work. heyy you should check out Gossip Guy's Youtube channel, he has some interesing and informative videos about hashgraph.

So what could be the intentions behind hashgraph's  "curious?" question and countdown timer... lets connect all the pieces that we have and see if there is a logical connection... 

Firstly, there is a vast interest from the public to own a piece of hashgraph or the company behind hashgraph Swirls, a fact to the max.Then suddenly you see the hashgraph's website asking you if you are curious, maybe they already know what you want? I am sure you know what you want ;) what do you see when there is a demand? business opportunity right? 

There are also lots of hashgraph talks that are going to happen in the near future, maybe I could dig out some useful information, stay in touch, click on the follow button or subscribe.

Also, if you are not in the hasgraph community telegram Group, go ahead and join, maybe you can say " sent me" haha...thanks and see you again soon.