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Hashgraph's movements updated! Spotted at a conference.

whats up friends! have you been catching up with the hashgraph's happenings lately? curious? why so? keep calm and read this post ;)
So recently I wrote a post about what the "curious" thingy in hashgraph's official website could mean if you haven't seen it then pause! you should check it out before reading this post.. that way you will be more entertained this post.

 I had a chance to watch the recent hashgraph's presentation on blockchain beach day conference, and here are the summaries of the presentation...
Purpose of hashgraph's presenatation in this conference  Talk about Dr.Leemon Baird vision with hashgraph, the 4 generations of the blockchain, a brief explanation of the technical advantages of hashgraph, and more to find out ;)
Dr.Lemmon Braid's Ambition: A future where people can create a shared world for free.Create movies, music, documents or 3D objects and converse without dictatorship with complete fairness.The four generations…

Curious? Says Hashgraph Official Website, What could it mean?

Hi friends! Welcome again. Ok, very recently I wrote a post about a project collaboration between hashgraph and Invita where president, Ret. Major General Jim Comstock, of Invita Health  described the beauty of hashgraph with some wonderful words. If you haven't seen that post, do check it out. 
I also ended the post with a suspense just like how hashgraph site is keeping up on our toes and making us get tempted. 
So there is gonna a token? or coin offerings? yes? no? argh... it's complicated, but let's break down the complexity to our own understandings...

Those are some screenshots that shows the interest from the public, it's just a tiny piece of it there's crowds and crowds of public interest being shown to the hashgraph team.

Look at the reply by John the hashgraph community's admin well the answer was not a "YES". Wait, are you going to google it?did you find anything? share it please! I tried haha...didnt find anything useful though. Kyle Armou…

Finally A Project Built Upon Hashgraph!

Do you want some appetizers?  hashgraph has cooked something for all of us! But wait...are you a sugar patient..!? 

A Brief Introduction Of Intiva, Swirlds, and Hashgrap... Swirlds is the company that created Hashgraph and Intiva Health is a health care company that has build their platform using Hashgraph technology, so what is Hashgraph then? check out my hashgraph post to find out more about hashgraph.About the projectIntiva Health will utilize Swirlds’ hashgraph technology to build the industry’s first ‘Ready Doc’ career platform, which allows for the fastest placement and ongoing credentialing of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. To All Those Hashgraph Followers out there, the wait is over, Its time to find out the Real Potential of Hashgraph...Well, at this moment it may sound like it does not mean anything to the crowd who wants to pump their money into Hashgraph or even into Swirls. BUT hey... don't you think its now much clearer that hashgraph really…

[Extras FYI] Why You Should Buy Bitcoin in Bits

Don't have huge pockets? hesitant to buy a whole Bitcoin? do you think its very expensive to own a Bitcoin? how about buying Bitcoin in bits? do you know Bitcoins supply ends at 21Million? As of Feb 2018 Bitcoin's supply is at around 17Million. 

Don't worry I am not selling you anything.. chillax and continue reading haha... How To Buy a Bitcoin in Bits?Remember those times during your school days when you wanted to buy a Toy, PlayStation console or gaming PC, it might seem like a lot of money at first. But you would find your way by saving up your pocket money or by working part-time jobs to buy it at once. Yes, Bitcoin is very expensive currently, damn it.Definitely, it is a hell lot of money but you still want to be part of it right?

Stop thinking about how to fork out thousands of dollars to buy that Bitcoin, instead, think about how you can buy immediately! yes, I meant like now! 

Bitcoin's supply stops at21 Million, as of feb 2018 Bitcoin's supply is at 17 Mill…

HashGraph Apps/Websites/ICOs

There are some wonderful Apps and websites under its early stage of development, I am really excited as well as you are! to view and review them. If you have come across some Apps or Websites that you wish to share with me, do drop an email at and all credits will be given to you! and if you are a developer or a startup share your exciting Apps or Websites as well, I am very excited to share it with the world via

What Is HashGraph All About?

What is hashgraph?Hashgraph is a data structure and consensus(a general agreement) algorithm and it is believed to be comparably fast in transactions compares to the pioneer Bitcoin Blockchain.
HashGraph VS Bitcoin Blockchain [straight to the point explanation]There is no single person responsible for a transaction; for example; in a blockchain there are miners who have the choice or option to choose which transaction should be processed first in a block, say for example, person "A" and person "B" wants to buy a Bitcoin at a low market price at the same moment, the miner has the choice to transact person "A"s transaction first which means person "B" could potentially fail to buy at the low market price. Such choices or options are not possible in hashgraph, the only factor that could affect the sequence of the transactions is the internet speed.
Is there mining in hashgraph?No, as mentioned above, miners have the choice or option to choose whos…

Purpose Of This Website

Hi there, I have created this website with the Intension to expose the beautiful Ideas that are built around this beautiful technology HashGraph.

So I am Inviting all the HashGraph Developers and Startups to share about their HashGraph Ideas,Projects, Startups and everyone else who has something interesting about HashGraph to share with the world(Credits will be given to you for your contribution) cheers!

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