Earn Hbar by squashing bugs

Hi guys, welcome back! I would like to share an Interesting project which I came across lately, the project is called, it is a Hedera Hashgraph and HBar explorer that offers insights into wallet activity and keeps records of current account balances along with a historical wallet snapshot. currently has fun and jolly "Bug hunting bounty" program where one can get micropayments as part of their real-time speed-tests by crushing on-screen bugs. Squash them with your finger or mouse pointer as fast as you can and they may attempt to send you up to 1 HBar a day. See the Gif below my first Impression was a joy!

They also have another program for all of us to earn some more Hbar, its called
"Testing your testing" you have to correctly answer for an MCQ question and stand a chance to win up to 1 Hbar.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have an Hbar account just yet can't wait to register my account and start squashing some buggy bugs. Che…

Hedera hashgraph's Interesting Startup companies

Hi guys, welcome back to an exciting post! I will be writing about a few of the very Interesting Startups that are Incubated by Helix (Hedera hashgraph's Start-up Incubator). Please also read my post where I wrote about Helix if you haven't already known.

These guys sound exciting - Wish you could make some money out of your mobile data? with the help of their app, you can share your mobile data with anyone in the world and get paid! plus you name the price! what do you guys think? let me know in the comment box below!

Hashing System
A domain name registry marketplace for the graph. simply put it, Godaddy for Hedera hasgraph.

"In 2017 alone there were 36 million pounds of fake organic food that entered the US market," says Otrafy in one of their Medium post, if it's true then those people should be dealt with severe consequences! Otrafy is trying to expose fake organic foods.

Their goal is to bring simple insurance solutions at affordable prices wi…

Hedera Hashgraph's Incubator venture & more

Hi friends welcome back to another post! this time it's about hashgraph's incubation venture.

Hashgraph has partnered with Mind Fund, a Hong Kong-based VC to launch accelerator Incubation HELIX to groom the next-gen distributed ledger tech startups exclusively on hashgraph platform. Yes, we know what that means, more and more companies would be forming based on hedera hashgraph.

HELIX has so much to offer, 100kUSD funding for your project, accommodation for 10 weeks in Hong Kong, even logistical help such as Visa and many more, just like how a mummy would take care of her child, so you can focus on what is important for the future, welcome to the future.

The hashgraph consensus algorithm has also been mathematically proved to be the first public ledger that has a computer verified mathematical proof that it is truly asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (ABFT), validated by Coq Proof Assistant and completed by Karl Crary, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Me…

Hedera Hashgraph's community is its priority

Hi, guys welcome to another blog post.

The team behind Hedera Hashgraph has again proved that it would do anything ethically to safeguard its genuine members. Even if it means to appoint an additional man force to get rid of thousands of fake accounts.

There are people with corrupted mind and soul who are imposters and pretend to be an admin of Hedera Hashgraph and have cheated many uninformed ones.

Such imposters would usually create a telegram account by copying the user name of a Hashgraph group's verified admin, screenshot the verified admin's display picture and use them for their profile to cheat people.

It is only possible to identify a verified admin by browsing the members' list in a group. Next, that imposter will look out for vulnerable targets who ask questions like;
"how to buy the coin?""Where can I buy the coin? "etc...And send them pishing links via personal message.
The team behind Hedera Hashgraph has given very serious attention to such act…

Crypto may be distrust or sinking but Hedera Hashgraph seems legit and growing

Hi, guys welcome back to another post!

It was not long ago when every human on this earth wanted to invest in the next Bitcoin, there were scammers out there claiming to be the competitor of Bitcoin causing so much pain to the crypto world.

Hedera Hashgraph has been around for quite some time now, the team seems to be growing fast and working very hard to meet its milestone. 

The number of reputable events it takes part and the reputable personals joining the team looks very positive. Let's look at a few of the ambitious activities around Hedera Hashgraph.

The new addition to Hedera Hashgraph It was officially announced by Hedera Hashgraph that Bo Shen has joined as a strategic advisor, Bo Shen is also a veteran of the traditional financial Industry with a vast amount of senior management and experience in brokerages, hedge funds and Investments banks. He is also the founder of Fenbushi, China's first capital Investment firm.

Hedera Hashgraph's participation in a major conferenc…

Scammers revolving around Hedera hashgraph exposed

Hello, friends welcome back once again, Scam is becoming a very common thing nowadays. Hidden enemies are very dangerous compared to a known enemy, I really feel sorry for those people who were cheated by some scams that revolved around Hedera hashgarph recently, but the Hedera hashgraph team was very responsive in taking prompt actions to stop the culprits.
So here I am writing this post with the pure Intension of exposing those culprits as much as possible If you guys are aware of more scams feel free to expose those bustards in the comments below.  

Scammers Exposed!1.Email ScamDid you receive this email!? If yes, that's a SCAM do not get engaged! spread the word out! use hashtags on twitter and on other social media to expose this scammer.

2.Pool ScamLet's look at the next one, this one is Interesting yeah sure there are accredited Investors who are willing to buy and sell for a profit but hey TRUST plays the main role in here,  its quite clear that only accredited Investors …

Mingo: First Live Project Based On Hashgraph!

Bingo....heres your first hashgraph based live project, Mingo. 

Mingo is an instant messenger aggregation app that supports Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud (Mingo will support more famous messaging app in the near future).
Let's look at the values that MingoChat wants to add to its users...
Aggregates all your messaging services under one roof:that means all your contacts from various messaging platforms are now gathered under one platform and you can compose and respond to them all from just one single User Interface, Mingo.
Plugin Apps(under development):Games & Utility app plugins(for example, book a flight in Mingo etc...)not all of your messaging platforms may have that but, when Mingo links up all of your messaging platform's contacts under one roof, that would be possible ;)
Utility Crypto Coin:use it to play against a friend of yours and gain more token if you win. You can also use it for utility services (for example, book a flight in Ming…